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Immerse yourself in the great and small history of wine, follow the lives of vineyard families, who have produced wines for generations, open the doors of wine museums, where wine is celebrated through vineyard tools, some of them familiar, some of them unusual and intriguing, through works of art or through all shapes and sizes of corkscrew. Head out into the vines with vine growers, by bike, horse drawn carriage or on foot, enjoy a picnic in Luberon or in the foothills of Mont-Ventoux before picturing yourself in the next wine festival (Véraison Medieval festival in Châteauneuf-du-Pape,  Harvest Proclamation in Avignon, etc) or with friends in one of the many wine courses (recognising flavours, tasting the most prestigious wines of the Rhône Valley or blending your own wine!),  learn the basics of food and wine pairing so that your dinner parties will never be the same!


Here, the great adventure of wine is told in red, rosé and white, from the vines to the glass, from the land to the barrel.


Each episode is a vineyard experience,a moment of sharing and conviviality around Rhône Valley wines!



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